This weekend’s Rage Against Addiction 5K Walk/Run had many passionate supporters of RAA’s mission: “to provide awareness and support to anyone affected by drug and alcohol abuse, including the family.” The race started with speakers Brandon Novak and Pastor Craig McLaughlin. Both spoke of the profound effect that addiction had on their personal lives.

Our own Corey Glowacki and Anna Tommasello ran the race to raise awareness of addiction’s mental illness.

When asked “why” they ran, Corey shared:

“Addiction doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, if your parents work or stay home, if you go to public school or private….it holds no bars. Today I’ll run for the moms and dads, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, and all of those who have lost a good person to a terrible demon. Today I’ll run for the ones who are sick in their illness and can’t find their way out. Today I’ll run for the ones who found the help they needed and found a way of life on the other side.  Today I will run to remind myself that I will never be the one who says “that won’t happen to me….that won’t be my….child, husband, mother, father, sister, brother.” I’ll run to remind myself that this is something we will talk about in my house, something we will recognize for the problem that it is in our country, state, town, school, neighborhood. I’ll run to pledge that I will never to judge, but instead look for a way to help.”

Anna Tommasello shared:

“I’m not a runner, but it’s easy to find motivation when you’re surrounded by families affected by such a terrible disease. You want to dig deeper, because you know these families have had to.”

Addiction knows no bounds. If you or a loved one are passionate about raising awareness of addiction, visit RAA’s website to learn more about future events and volunteer opportunities:

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