Running a business is more than a full-time job. As the owner and operator of your team, you hold the power to your business’s success. We understand that it’s easy to be distracted by necessary, everyday tasks (tending to clients, answering emails, social media, etc.). Enter, #FUEL: a series of brief and powerful masterminds that serve to recharge and refocus your business and you.

On Tuesday, March 5th, we partnered with @Baltimore Real Producers for our first #FUEL mastermind. John Dinkel, president of DBD, LLC (and former president and publisher of the BBJ), and Seth Dailey, co-founder of The Dailey Group and Keller Williams Gateway, spoke to a room of 50 attendees regarding the following business topics:

  • Business development tactics
  • Developing a strong referral network
  • Content strategy
  • The importance of developing your brand
  • and how to “focus more and more on less and less.”

First to speak: John Dinkel. Through his experience as the president and publisher of the BBJ, and the owner/operator of his consulting business, DBD, LLC, John shared the following business development tactics:

  1. When networking, make sure to “choose the right events, set goals, prepare and research, and follow-up with new connections.”
  2. Provide valuable content to your clients and your potential clients. Consider writing your own content to share via social media or a company newsletter.
  3. Build a strong referral network because “the more people you have out there willing to be your advocate, the more leads you’re going to get, and the better your brand will be.”

Seth Dailey spoke about how he and his team are striving to “focus more and more on less and less” in 2019. He expressed the importance of identifying the business activities that you, personally, love and are high dollar productive. The goal is to “focus more and more on” the activities that fall into the upper right quadrant of the image below. The other quadrants’ activities you should, avoid, delegate, and manage.

Businesses, and their marketplaces, are constantly evolving. Our #FUEL series hopes to recharge businesses and provide educational value. Stay tuned for notes on our 2nd #FUEL mastermind on June 4th in Bel Air, MD.